”Not Fade Away”

Just after we meet Douglas, the protagonist in “The Sopranos” creator David Chase’s new rock ‘n’ roll coming of age story “Not Fade Away,” the shy New Jersey teen watches The Rolling Stones U.S. television debut. Next thing you know, Douglas is smoking weed, growing his hair long, and playing drums in “a band like The Stones.” The movie is destined to be remembered as one of Hollywood’s great love letters to rock ‘n’ roll, with much of the credit going to the music.

More than 40 songs by 20 artists are squeezed onto the soundtrack, featuring Douglas’s group, The Twylight Zones, alongside hard to get tracks from The Beatles and The Rolling Stones. Other British Invasion artists are also represented, along with their American counterparts, and the blues legends who inspired it all.

Enjoy the trailer:

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